Periodontal Disease

What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease is a term that refers to pathological inflammation of the gums and supporting bones. Periodontal disease is common, with most adults suffering from it in at least a mild form at some point in their lives.

The two most common forms of periodontal disease are are gingivitis—inflammation of the gum around the teeth—and periodontitis—inflammation that affects the bones and tissues of the teeth. Of the two, periodontitis is the most severe, usually caused by gingivitis that is left untreated.

The best way to prevent periodontal disease from developing is having a good oral health routine. However, sometimes that is not enough. People who have dental irregularities—such as overhangs on fillings or crowded teeth—are more likely to have tartar on the teeth, which causes these diseases. As such, anyone who has tooth irregularities should consider prosthodontist treatment to treat any disease that is currently present and prevent it from getting worse or new diseases developing.

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